5 Ways to Make the Outside of Your Home Appear More Spacious When Selling

  1. Clean out the Garage

We often think that the garage is a great place to store all the items that we rarely if ever use, reasoning that we will eventually get around to doing something about them. Well now is the time, every extra item that we place in our garage makes it look more and more cramped, so organize all those items and clear out the junk. It will leave your garage looking big and spacious. Now there will be plenty of room for the potential buyers to imagine having their car parked safely inside.

  1. Organise Your Deck Area

Outdoor furniture, pots, plants, toys even items that you were planning on finding a spot for our general appearances on decks. This leaves the presentation of the house looking messy and uninviting. So get rid of the miscellaneous items and straighten the furniture. Cut back overgrown plants and arrange the pots in a way that will draw the eye to feature areas. If you have a BBQ, clear off the grease on and around it. Potential buyers can now imagine entertaining their friends and family in the well arranged outdoor living area.

  1. Tidy the Lawn

Depending on the season it might not take long for our lawn to grow back after a mow, so make sure that you regularly keep it in check. Trimming the yard the day previously will leave that newly cut lawn odor gently remaining in the air without the stickiness that includes a just recently trimmed yard. All turf clippings ought to be moved well away and ensure any roaming clippings are swept driveways and courses. The outcome will be a lawn that not looks open however overbearing, well looked after and beautiful as an entryway to your house ought to be.

  1. Clean the Windows

Free flowing light lifts the mood of the house and opens up even small spaces. But dirty windows can restrict the flow of light and dull the atmosphere. Windows are easy to clean with the right tools. A little bit of dishwashing liquid can help lift oil marks that may have been left on the windows by pets or wandering hands. After washing the window, squeegee off in one fluid motion to ensure that minimal streaks are gone and then wipe the edges of the glass with a clean cloth. Make sure the seals, frames, and flyscreens are wiped clean as well. This will make a huge difference in opening the home up and joining your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

  1. Clear the Entrance Door

If you have a path leading up to the front door, either from the front fence or the driveway, then keep it clean and bright. Line the track with some well-placed plants and fix any unstable pavers or rickety steps. Keep the entrance door free of obstacles and unnecessary items. Additionally, if the age of the door is evident just from looking at it, then a fresh coat of paint will make it feel welcoming.